Convert Hotmail to Outlook Account (illustrated Narrative)

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That in our previous article we told you to open a new account with outlook, now available to you without changing your outlook hotmail address’ll try to explain the transition.

Step 1) First, go to the hotmail address www.hotmail.co Please login with your user name.


Step 2) Your username la input yaptıkr after the right-hand your name under the sub-picture options such as some are there here. (** Usually there are options text is located, those who are not on the top left hotmail to the letter tıkya the opening page of options icon lays.)

Step 3) Click on Options and then upgrade to reside there, click on the outlook products.
Step 4) After clicking on the Outlook product upgrade to the new page will be opened in Outlook will be there to experience the text, click Upgrade.
Step 5) After completing this process no longer be able to use all the features of Outlook.
NOTE: As a result of this process we made all my existing hotmail.co outlook extension without changing your e-mail address will be able to take advantage of all services free of charge.

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How Register To Outlook E-mail Account

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Friends, we are the world’s most widely used e-mail service Hotmail, towards the end of 2012, rather than by the fact that it comes off as a more modern designed by Microsoft and Hotmail e-mail service, which will replace the How to Outlook, so the we are telling to you how register to a new account.

Also e-mail address here that you have instant messenger (MSN) use it as a. So outlook mail messenger (msn) taking advantage of this service as well.

Step 1) First, www.outlook.com directed to click on the link to the web page in Outlook, then click on the place indicated by the arrow.

Outlook Sign Up

Step 2)  Please fill in the required fields.

  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Microsoft account name – This will be your email address (example@outlook.com)
  • Password
  • Location

Outlook Signup Form

Step 2) Fill in the boxes at the bottom of the other in the required manner, please enter the security code complete. Finally, click I accept the entry. then your e-mail address will be activated account immediatel.

Outlook Signup Accept

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